5 Steps for Achieving ANY Goal

If you’re not happy with your body then your workouts have lost focus.

What is your immediate goal?

If you don’t have a ready answer
then chances are good that your motivation is low and it has resulted in a lack
of results.

I know from firsthand experience that operating without a
goal will get you nowhere. Sure, you may still be exercising regularly and
eating mindfully but without that concrete goal your efforts will yield little

1. Setting your goal

You want to be in
“better shape” but that’s so vague. Dig deeper.

What specifically do you
wish you had now that you don’t?

  • To drop 3 dress sizes.
  • To lose 2 inches of arm fat jiggle.
  • To melt 4 inches from your waist.
  • To be able to run 3 miles without stopping.

2. Define your timeline

Now that you’ve determined
exactly what part of your body isn’t up to par, tie that goal in with a specific
timeline. When you have a timeline to measure your progress against, you’ll find
that achieving your goal becomes an easier process.

  • To drop 3 dress sizes by August 20th vacation.
  • To lose 2 inches of arm fat jiggle by October 13th wedding.
  • To melt 4 inches from your waist by July 7th pool party.
  • To be able to run 3 miles without stopping by June 16th city 5k.

3. Name your prize

It’s time to take your motivation
to the next level. Now that your specific goal is set and your timeline is
clearly defined, let’s add a prize that you’ll receive once you’ve accomplished
your goal. This prize shouldn’t be anything related to your unhealthy habits –
so no junk food or extra large meals. Make the prize an item that will reinforce
your slimmer body, like a nice piece of clothing.

  • A couple new outfits for your August vacation.
  • A sleeveless dress for the October wedding.
  • A new swimsuit for your July pool party.
  • A new pair of running shoes for your June 5k.

4. Picture it

You know what you want, when you want
it by, and the reward you’ll get by achieving it. Now spend time picturing your
end goal. Find a comfortable, quiet corner, close your eyes and see a mental
movie – starring yourself – enjoying your reward with your new and improved
body. Play your mental success movie several times throughout the day.

  • See yourself enjoying an afternoon of your vacation, wearing your new
    clothes with confidence.
  • Imagine how you’ll feel walking down the aisle baring your toned arms.
  • See yourself lounging by the pool in your swimsuit, carefree and happy.
  • Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel as you cross the finish

5. Recipe for success

The steps that you’ve taken
above have prepared you to mentally take on the challenge of motivating yourself
through this transformation process. All that remains is a solid exercise and
nutrition plan to push you through to your new body.

This is where I come in.

I’m fanatical about propelling each and every one of my clients
through their own personal body transformation.

Call or email today and I’ll get you started on a program that will make your goals a reality.

Email me for FREE Fitness Evaluation

Now is the time where people start to slip and slide and miss more and more days of their fitness routine.  We are well into the New Year resolutions and things have been going pretty good for many but for some this is when the wheels begin to fall off.  Don’t let them fall off!!  I want to help you.  Please contact me via email at victor@victory-fitness.com for a FREE Fitness Evaluation.  We will do it via a phone call.  I will help you tweek your plan, stay motivated and set new goals if need be.  Please let me know if I can help.  Keep going STRONG!!  This is YOUR YEAR but you need to be DISCIPLINED and CONSISTENT!

Best regards,



Hey, Everyone,

A new year is once again upon us and I am so excited for what it will bring and what is going to happen in 2012.  I just want to take a moment to encourage your mind set for the new year.  If you don’t have goals GET SOME.  If you don’t have a plan MAKE ONE.  If you don’t know what to do CALL ME.  Don’t let another year fly by as a spectator.  Get in, go after LIFE.  LIVE it!  I want to encourage you to make it happen this year.  Make the change!  Fight this fight!  You CAN and WILL win it if you don’t give up!  I want to be in your corner!  Let me help if I can.

Go to www.made-to-win.com for more info on how I can help you.

Now is the time!  Today is the day!  No one can make the move or the step forward but YOU.  Let’s do it.  I’m with you!



Do the little things…

Do you want to experience success at an endeavor?  I think we all do in some area or another.  But can this really be accomplished?  It sure can!  How?

By living a disciplined life EVERY DAY!  There are things we can do daily to usher in success.  Here is my list.  Whether you want to lose weight, make a certain amount of money, fix a relationship or overcome a bad habit.  Take heed and check this out:

To stay on the pathway of a worthy ideal and to fully realize it (achieve the goal) do this:

1. Devote daily to focusing on what you want to become

2. Read worthy info on the topic of what you desire

3. Do something (no matter how small) daily to ensure success as you climb the ladder towards it

4. Fill your head/thoughts with info that says you CAN do it

5. Get rid of bad influences in your life

6. Tell a friend/accountability partner (don’t go it alone….even Lewis had Clark and Lone Ranger had Tonto)

7. Work it…work it…work it

8. Fail forward….you will fall but get up, get up, get up

9. Learn more about it.  Get wisdom on the thing you want.  Good luck will not just fall out of the sky.  Get wisdom! Search for it like gold!

10. Stay upbeat and fun loving and lively.  You attract what you put out there.

11. Don’t get sidetracked.

12. Stay disciplined to the task at hand.

13. Do just a little every day but make sure you do that little every day.

14.  Reward yourself every time you reach a milestone.  Celebrate!

15. Dial it in.  Don’t let others lead you astray because they don’t have a plan/goals/a reason for more.

16. Rise above your circumstances.

17. Never quit!

18. Hire outside help.  Get a professional to assist you.

19. Believe in yourself!

20. Ask God!  Nothing is impossible for God!


The Winning Formula

21 Days to Victory Fat Blast


(Go to http://www.victory-fitness.com/21-Days-To-Victory.html for a step by step 21 day Game Plan) 

1. Believe you can do it

2. Set up your monthly Game Plan

3. Do something EVERY day to succeed

4. Workout 7 days per week for this month

5. Eat healthy (we all know we are suppose to get more fruits and vegetables…let’s follow through and DO IT)

6. Drink 100 ounces of water per day

7. Your body will be uncomfortable (during exercise or wanting more twinkies) forget about it.  This is part of the process.  Pain is just temporary.  Don’t give in to it and quit or eat 5 twinkies in one sitting.

8. Get 7+ hours of sleep each night

9. No alcohol for one month

10. Cut your carbs…not out but down

11. Avoid sugars as much as possible

12. Eat lean proteins (fish, turkey, chicken, pork tenderloin, etc.)

13. Do workouts that are out of your comfort zone.  If you are used to walking on the treadmill at 3.3 miles per hour for 2 miles.  Kick it up.  Do 3.8 mph for 2.5 miles.

14. Take the stairs instead of the elevater, stand instead of sit, park at the furthest spot away in the parking lot, walk instead of ride if possible.

15. Enlist an accountability partner.  Have someone you have to answer to on a regular basis about your exercise routine and eating habits.

16. Do a FOOD LOG.  Everyone hates this but this is HUGELY effective.  Write down EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth.  You will be amazed.

17. Stay away from environments that set you up to fail. (Don’t hang out in bars while you are trying not to drink.)

18. Don’t dwell on how hard it is.  Believe in the process.  It takes time.  Think on how good you will look and feel when you drop 10+ pounds.

19. Be Inspired.  Read and listen to inspirational messages that keep you in the right frame of mind to achieve HUGE SUCCESS!

20. Keep the FAITH!  Some days you won’t want to exercise – so what, just do it!  Some days you won’t want to eat an apple – so what, just do it!  Some days you will want to stop because it is hard work – don’t stop!  Some days you will want to sleep in – don’t!  Some days you will want to just remain the same - don’t!  Change is worth fighting and working for!

Life is short.  Give life the best you can!  Be the best YOU can be!  Keep it up!  Keep plugging away!  Don’t EVER give up!

Go to http://www.victory-fitness.com/21-Days-To-Victory.html  for a 21 day Game Plan on WINNING the losing game!



21 Days to Victory

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To your health,



Victory GET FIT Retreat

I am so proud to announce the launch of Victory’s GET FIT Retreat coming in July 2011.
Victory’s GET FIT Retreat is being held on July 28 (check -in), July 29 and 30 at Victory Sports & Fitness in Oak Park Heights, MN (suburb of the Twin Cities metro).  We are a Boot Camp training facility that is offering an incredible, life changing Retreat for those needing to make a change in their life through better fitness habits and lifestyle.
It doesn’t matter where you are at: fit but not where you want to be, unhealthy, unfit, sedentary, physically at the end of your rope, can’t lose the weight, you do lose weight but put it back on, need a change heart or attitude about yourself and life,  starting over, need to lose a lot of weight but don’t know where to begin, need to live again, need a new plan for working out that WORKS, need to know what to do and how to do it, those in need of a plan that will set them free from emotional eating, a way out from strongholds that keep creeping in and cause havoc in life or this is for those of us that look into the mirror and realize NOW is my time to change my life.  NOW is my time to get healthy.  NOW is my time to be a stronger, leaner, healthier person.  This Retreat is for YOU!
Here is what you get at Victory’s GET FIT Retreat:
1. Personal Fitness Coaching
2. Personal Training
3. Boot Camp Workouts
4. Inspirational/Motivational/Overcoming Issues Seminars
5. Nutrition Coaching
6. Nutrition Seminars
7. Customized 90 Day Workout Plan made for YOU…not the same one for every person – YOUR OWN plan to hit major milestones in 90 days
8. Educational Info on what works and what doesn’t with your workouts.
9. Instruction on proper form for the best results possible
10. Tricks to Boost Metabolism
11. Best Foods to Eat to BURN FAT
12. BEST Fat Burning Workouts out there
13. Breakfast & Lunch on us Friday and Saturday
14. Healthy Snacks & Beverages
15. Prizes for all participants
16. Seminars on DVD/Audio for future reference
17. Overcoming Emotional Issues
18. How to Burn Fat FASTER and SMARTER
19. What to EAT and What not to EAT and WHEN to EAT
20. Overcoming Failures/Moving Forward
21. Workouts – Workouts – Workouts – we will be working out numerous times Friday and Saturday
22. How to Shop at the Grocery Store (touring local grocery store and learning what is best and what is not)
23. Sugars – Sweeteners – Fat Free – Low Fat…what is best and what is not
24. How to Overcome Cravings
25. What to do to see CONSISTENT results with your exercise plan
26. All the above being taught and instructed by Experts in the Fitness, Lifestyle and Nutrition industry.
This 2 day GET FIT Retreat would cost over $2500 for everything but we are putting this on for only $497 and if paid in full before 7/1/11 you only pay $397.  Now is your life worth this?  Are you in a rut and need to get out of it?  YOU are definately WORTH more than $497!!!  Is there that someone you love that has health issues, concerns, battling obesity?  Forward this to them and this could save their life!  We want to educate and help you succeed at the fitness game!  Let us be here for you.  Let us hold your hand along the way.  We want to give you all the info possible to succeed at losing weight and getting your life back!  This isn’t a quick fix 2 day seminar.  These are the KEYS and PLANS to set your life in a direction of SUCCESS in FITNESS!  Now is the time!  Now is YOUR time!  CHANGE your life forever…TODAY!
To register email me at victor@victory-fitness.com or call me directly at 651-442-1919 to reserve your spot.  Save money and register by 7/1/11.
Success in life and fitness can be yours!  Don’t give up!  Keep going!  We can help if you commit.  Get started TODAY!

This is YOUR life!

Hey, Everyone, your life is YOUR life!  Are you taking charge of it or are you letting life just pass you by?  What you are today is a direct reflection of the decisions you have made in the past.  Are you overweight, lazy, dissatisfied with yourself?  You have no one to blame but yourself.  I think all of us, myself included here, can look around and want to find someone to blame for where we are at, how we feel, how we look, etc.  It is easy to blame someone else or look to blame our surroundings when the truth of the matter is we are still in charge!  I want to encourage you today to put your life on the path that you want it to be on.  You control it. 

When I went through some tough times in my life my first inclination was to look to someone else to blame or something else or the economy or people being stubborn and not supportive.  When I took a good look in the mirror I discovered I was the one responsible.  I was the one at fault.  I needed to make a change.  I want to encourage you to do this today.

We all are in charge of OURSELVES!  We are the masters of our own lives - no one else!  Yes, there are other factors and circumstances in life that make a difference but don’t give in to them.  If you fall get back up.  If you have a bad habit don’t just settle with it, work on conquering it.  You are born to overcome the obstacles in your life.  It is now – go and make it happen!  

Do you want to lose the weight?  Get help to lose the weight, lose the inches and burn the fat.  You need two things up front:  a plan and a committment.   Email me at victor@victory-fitness.com and I will gladly help you get started.  I help hundreds of people daily change in their health by incorporating fitness into their lives.

Start a workout program TODAY.  Start now and you will never regret it!  I have made TONS of mistakes in my life but when I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw I decided it is time for ME to change starting TODAY.  Did I still fall?   Yes!  Did I still mess up?  Yes!  But I still haven’t given up!  I’m moving forward and when I look in the mirror I know that I am a work in progress and I like the direction I am going. 

Make it happen…TODAY!


Breaking Through

Hey, I have been getting some questions on how to BREAKTHROUGH strongholds and how to overcome the setbacks we encounter while we are trying to workout hard and eat right. I have some quick, practical tips for you today!

1. FOCUS on what you want accomplished. Get a mental picture of what you want, how you want to look and who you want to become. Trials and storms are normal in life. Don’t let them set you back. They may take a toll but don’t let them totally pull you away from your goal. Focus – Focus – Focus! You will become what you focus and dwell on.

2. Speak it! Speak words of encouragement, inspiration and breakthrough. You CAN do this You WILL do this! You are made to overcome! Know this! Know who you are and speak positive words to yourself and your situation. It will change! This will give you the motivation to keep your chin up and keep going! Speak faith filled words!

3. Lose the distractions that are pulling you away from your goal or are adding a hindrance to them. Remove the obstacles in your life. If you eat at 8pm everynight by raiding the pantry fill the pantry with healthy snacks. Get rid of the excess. Set yourself up for success and not failure. Lose the distractions! Set your table before you for success and not failure. Get those out of your life that may be a hindrance to you. They are tearing you down. You need to be built back up.

4. Don’t worry about falling down and failing… You will fail. You will lose a battle here and there. This is life! Don’t dwell on it. Get up! Get up! Get up! Get going again. This world needs you and doesn’t need you down and out. Know that you will fall but don’t stay down. Today is your day to get back on track. I know you can do it. You have the ability inside you to do so!!

Do these simple but POWERFUL, POWERFUL things and BREAKTHROUGH is right there!



Hey, I have never done this before but I really, really want to help more people achieve a better level of fitness. So here is the deal: If you are challenged in your fitness quest and seem to be spinning your wheels or are stuck in a rut, email me at victor@victory-fitness.com. I want to help and give you some keys, tips or assistance to get you moving forward again. Put “Help” in the subject line and then just tell me what the problem is and I will address it the best I can. Please don’t make it too lengthy as I want to make sure I can get through all of them on a timely basis.

So, it is that simple…if you are struggling, email me for help and I will do my best as your Personal Trainer to give you the keys to CRUSH IT and ROCK IT to your fitness goals!

Stay strong,